Chapter 8



8.4.1Legislative and Policy Framework


  • South African Schools Act 84 of 1996 [SASA]



  • National Norms and Standards for School Funding of 1998 (SASA 2B: 80 to 124) [NR NSSF]
  • Amended National Norms and Standards for School Funding (Government Gazette 394 in GN 40818 of 28 April 2017) [NR 40818/2017]

8.4.2Framework for the Development of School Policy on Donation of Buildings and Building Services to Schools

  1. A School Governing Body may accept the Donation of Buildings, Building Materials and Structures, or Building Services.
    These can also include contributions such as repairs to the school’s electrical system, roof, plumbing system, etc.
  2. Criteria when accepting Donations
    • When accepting donations of buildings, building materials and structures or building services, the SGB should check the quality of such donations, without offending the donor, for the safety of anyone who is going to occupy or use the facility. All building services, structures or materials should comply with Departmental standards and building regulations.
    • The conditions imposed by the donor should be negotiable and should always be reconcilable with the school’s educational objectives.
    • The SGB and the donor should agree in writing on the conditions which apply to the use of the donated facilities. A donor may require the use of the school’s sport facilities in return for erecting a building.  A time frame should be connected to such an agreement.
    • Donations with a political motive are unacceptable.
    • A school may not canvass a donor under the pretext that the donor will enjoy preference when service contracts for the school are procured.
    • Building plans should always be approved by the Department of Basic Education’s building administration directorate before building work starts at any school.
    • On completion of the building work, the Department’s building inspectors must inspect it and give formal approval for its use.


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