Chapter 13



13.2.1Legislative and Policy Framework


  • The South African Schools Act, No. 84 of 1996 [SASA]
  • Further Education and Training Act No. 98 of 1998 [FETA]
  • Employment of Educators Act 76 of 1998 [EEA]
  • South African Council for Educators Act 31 of 2000, Code of Professional Ethics [SACE]
  • The National Education Policy Act, 1996 (Act No. 27 of 1996) [NEPA]



  • National Norms and Standards for Grade R Funding (GG 30679) of January 2008 (NSF-Grade R) [NR 30679/2008]
  • National Norms and Standards for School Funding, Government Gazette Vol. 400, No. 19347, 12 October 1998 [NR NSSF]
  • Amended National Norms and Standards for School Funding (Government Gazette 394 in GN 40818 of 28 April 2017) [NR 40818/2017]



  • The National Policy on Whole School Evaluation, Government Gazette Vol.433, No. 22512 of July 2001  [NP WSE]

13.2.2Framework for the Development of School Policy on School Readiness

The Department of Education has put in place processes to monitor school readiness.  The process involves coordinating activities between the line functions to ensure a holistic service delivery for schools to commence with teaching and learning from day 1 of the new academic year.


This process culminates in on-site monitoring visits conducted by senior management and departmental officials in the first two weeks of reopening of all public schools.


To facilitate the process, the SMTs and SGB chairpersons must ensure that the following documents are readily available for perusal by the departmental official(s) monitoring the school:

Focus Areas Documents
ADMISSIONS Admissions Registers
Application and Re-registration Forms for Admissions
Written Notices for Refusal of Admission
Evidence for declaring the school full
Attendance figures of Learners in each class, Boys and Girls
Documents for controlling Educator and Learner Absenteeism and Late-coming
School Year Plan
School Development Plan
School Improvement Plan (ratified by the District Director)
IQMS Management Plan
School budget (with minutes of a parent meeting where it was adopted)
List of different committees in the school
IWSE report and EWSE report where applicable
Time book for staff
Minutes of AGM for parents
 EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES  LTSM Records (Ordering, Delivery Retrieval, Asset Register, Textbook/Stationery, Distribution Strategy)
 List of service providers
 School furniture needs (shortage/surplus)
 ACADEMIC PREPARATION  Timetables: composite, educator, class, relief, duty roster, extra-mural
 Learning programmes
 Annual Assessment Programme
Class lists and learner attendance registers
Analysis of examination results
LEARNER SUPPORT SERVICES Scholar Transport (Number of Learners using the service and distances learners travel, etc)
The Nutritional Programme (Number of Learners benefiting from the programme)
SCHOOL INFRASTRUCTURE/ FACILITIES School facilities: state and conditions of buildings, classrooms, offices, specialist rooms, ablution, security measures
Basic amenities: running water, electricity and telephone


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