What is the ManuAl for School Management? (This manual is only available in English)

Policy is a key instrument for the efficient management of an organisation. It comprises a written set of operational rules and instructions in terms of which the organisation is managed.

In the case of a school which forms part of the system for the provision of education, the school’s policy must be in line with legislation and policy at provincial and national level. The aim of this manual is to assist school managements with the development of their school policies. It does this by stating and clarifying all relevant national legislation and policy on the provision of education.

School policy developed according to the guidance provided by this manual, will enable the school management and teachers to perform their duties with confidence and diligence, knowing that they are working in the best interest of all parties involved.

We trust that the manual will enable all educators, whether teaching in classrooms or managing schools, to:

  • Experience the job satisfaction which all educators deserve;
  • Function in an independent but responsible manner; and
  • Experience the feeling of security offered by a stable and well management environment.

The manual consists of 16 chapters each focusing on a specific facet of school and/or classroom management. Each chapter is structured in terms of topics the wording of which clearly depicts a specific aspect of everyday school and/or classroom management.Under each topic, the applicable acts and policies are listed, followed by a set of guidelines/ framework for the development of school policy on that aspect, based on the listed acts and policies. Province-specific matters are boxed per province.

In the case of matters on which there is no specific legislation or policy, we provide guidelines based on research and experience. The manual will be updated online on a continuous basis and therefore takes the form of an open file. It is recommended that users access the document online to ensure that they are accessing the latest version of the document as printed versions may become quickly outdated. Users are also welcome to request that additional information be included in the manual by using the contact form which is located on the Contact Us page on the website.

The manual caters for all types of schools. In cases where something is applicable to certain school types only, this will be clearly indicated.

Users of the manual are advised to read Chapter 1 first before they read the other chapters.



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